How To Use Agile In Everyday Management

How To Use Agile In Everyday Management

There is never enough time to do it all: even managers that look like they are totally in control of what is going on require discipline and a very clear focus for getting things done. Too much work and not enough time!

At the individual levels we must all be familiar with the basics of an Agile Approach which has a focus upon speed and adaptability to give us all individual competitive advantage!

At the level of individual output and contribution, agility has never been more critical to the success of the organisation. Being able to move the area that you are responsible for from Point A to Point B quickly and effectively requires managers who can optimise communications, workflows, problem solving and performance.

So, what should you be focused upon to make this a reality?

  • Communication: whether working across functions or with teams, direct reports, customers, colleagues or supervisors, to avoid misunderstandings that can slow down progress, managers need to be able to quickly adapt communication to the needs of others. Always look to shorten the communication process.
  • Being organised and getting tasks completed: deliver on initiatives being clear when and how to get work done through others and managing the thinking resources on a project.
  • Being innovative and solving problems quickly: making sure that new ideas that solve problems are acted upon as soon as possible. Diverse thinking strategies always contribute to sorting out problems efficiently and permanently.
  • Applying learning: thinking in a new way so that you work consciously towards expanding your knowledge in a planned and systematic manner. Never just wait for training and development to come your way, actively seek this out.

Good Luck!

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