6 Essential Skills Needed For Good Working Relationships

6 Essential Skills Needed For Good Working Relationships

The following points below should be on your list of techniques and strategies to widen out the number of positive and productive working relationships:

Improve and actively nurture your people skills

It is very important to have a good grasp of the “soft” skills that are needed to make work run smoothly and for you to interface with others. Think in detail about your approach to collaborating with others, how you deal with conflict, how you manage communication and how good you are in recognising the emotions and actions of your colleagues. Are your Emotional Intelligence skills as polished as they might be?

What exactly do you need from others?

This requires a careful examination of the outcomes that you need from others and how your outputs impact upon others. Be honest in your appraisal here – you do not need to be best friends with everyone but you do need to have a style that engages well with those around you and which generates the results that the organisation needs.

Have a proactive approach to build up and develop relationships

Effective and productive relationships do not grow on trees –they take time and patience to bear fruit! Be visible and move around the organisation developing your networking skills and ensuring that you make links with the right people. Remember that short interactions count for a lot and establish links that will grow.

Appreciate Others

Show your appreciation whenever someone helps you. We all want to feel valued and showing this builds up relationships that then deliver over time.

Be seen as someone who is Positive and Outward-looking

In difficult times it is very hard to maintain positivity BUT being positive is attractive and contagious and those that are positive in the team draw others to them. Have a serious think about your own style – if you are seen as excessively negative it is very likely that your network of contacts and relationships will be very small. No one wants to be around someone who’s negative all the time.

Manage Your Boundaries

Make sure that you set and keep to limits of behaviour that are professional and business-like. Social interaction is good as long as this does not take over from you achieving your tasks.

Develop some excellent listening skills

By practicing this you will earn the respect of those around you because you really and whole-heartedly take on-board what you have heard. People will always value and respect someone who acts upon what they have heard and who is attentive and focused. This will quickly build up the trust that others have in you.

Good Luck!

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