Brilliant Communication In A Nutshell

Brilliant Communication In A Nutshell 

Brilliant communicators do the following things – makes sure that you do them too! 

They can convey complex ideas in simple terms: breaking down complex information into a number of simple, understandable parts, eliminating jargon and using clean, plain English. 

They are charismatic: creating a strong vision with examples and metaphors for key points of the message.

They are a good listener: always listening before saying anything and always looking for feedback.

They are well-prepared: preparing carefully for every major meeting, interview, presentation or speech.

They are confident: creating strong eye contact and using this to make an emotional connection with the audience.

They are passionate: they convey that enthusiasm through all levels of the organisation.

They are responsive: they are always there for your team.

They are positive: they use powerful and positive words to sell a positive message.

Use the above whenever possible – always remember that you will often only have one chance to get your message across so get it right first time, every time!

Good Luck!

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