Why Does Managerial Change Fail?

Why Does Managerial Change Fail?

Change is a constant and anyone who does not realise this has some serious issues! Just as business cannot cling to the past and hope to have success (however that might be measured!), management and leadership techniques are also shifting continually as both macro and micro operating environments fluctuate and wobble.

Navigating an organisation through change is not easy and experience shows that there are a number of common mistakes that threaten the success of any change programme or process.

These are:

  • Mistake 1: accepting weak management that fails to plan and deliver what is required
  • Mistake 2: changing systems or practices that did not need to actually be changed!
  • Mistake 3: seeing and delivering change as some kind of separate project away from the centre of the business – it is very much about the business!
  • Mistake 4: not getting all of the staff on-board with the change
  • Mistake 5: accepting weak project management rather than a determined and focused approach
  • Mistake 6: accepting soft deadlines that get moved around and weak measures to assess the progress of the change programme
  • Mistake 7: making the change process overly complicated
  • Mistake 8: not having a safety net for the process – a lack of “what if?” thinking
  • Mistake 9: holding onto the current culture in the organisation because people like it and would miss it if it changed!

Often change is an absolute essential if the organisation is to survive, let alone grow and flourish! The success of the process is significantly enhanced if the Mistakes above are avoided!

Regardless of the scale and the scope of the change you want to bring in, make sure that the Mistakes above are not part of your reflection once you have started the process!

Good Luck!

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