Why Business Objectives Are So Important

Why Business Objectives Are So Important

When building relationships, we need to keep an eye on objectives. Our actions and words need to support organisational, team and individual objectives, so that our activities are focused.

We also need to be aware of the other person’s expectations, so that we can target resources and adapt our approach to acknowledge their needs and requirements. Expectations usually need to be met or exceeded, and it helps to be clear about them when we build and maintain business relationships.

Being aware of objectives and expectations enables us to:

  • establish and agree objectives – e.g. when planning work tasks for the team
  • meet deadlines – e.g. to deliver reports on time; to complete tasks that affect other people
  • communicate and allocate tasks effectively – e.g. to suit team members’ skills and needs as well as the organisation’s requirements
  • ensure that expectations are met – e.g. calling people back when we promised; dealing with problems as agreed

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