What Does Negativity At Work Look Like?

What Does Negativity At Work Look Like?

Negativity in the workplace will always be there in some form or another – for whatever reason it exists it is the job of management to recognise this and work to reduce or eliminate it as much as possible.

Negativity impacts upon profitability in every sense.

Behaviour to look out for, recognise and challenge in your staff:

Arrogance, belligerent attitude, callousness, careless, cynical, deceitful, detached, dishonest, impolite, inconsiderate, inflexible attitude and behaviour set, intolerant of others, irresponsible, lazy, moody, pessimistic about everything, resentful, rude, sarcastic, selfish, tactless, thoughtless, unkind, unpredictable, unreliable, untrustworthy, vain.

Not a nice set of attributes – any one of the above needs to be challenged and may be an indicator of a wider sense of frustration, demotivation and unrest.

Investigate the underlying causes and do not just treat the symptoms!

Good Luck!

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