How to Motivate A Highly Demotivated Team

How to Motivate A Highly Demotivated Team

Many factors can demotivate your team, not all of them are obvious, and some reasons may well surprise you. What is certain however is that a demotivated individual or team needs to be challenged to find out the cause of the problem before the rot sets in and goals/targets/objectives become lost.

It can NEVER be a manager’s justification that you could not motivate your staff – that is your primary objective upon which everything else is built.

Some ways to resolve the situation:

Evaluate the Problem

If you encounter considerable demotivation among team members, get to the root of the problem. There are many ways of doing this but however you go about it, make sure that you FULLY understand the causes. Ask sharp and direct questions and encourage honest input to determine your core problem areas. Also make sure that you ask people for their honest and frank thoughts on potential solutions that could help improve work conditions and increase morale and productivity.

Be Proactive

Use the information you find to take proactive steps toward improving workplace motivation. This may well be a difficult and uncomfortable process to consider and put into action but unless you do, nothing will change, and the problems will continue. Issues that might arise are workloads that are too heavy, aggressive and inconsiderate management style and a lack of effective, quality communication. You need some clear and proactive steps here to make a difference – be courageous and make a difference – you need to get your team and individuals back on track!


If you cannot make substantial positive changes, tell that to your staff, explain your position and open the channels of communication. This is a time for complete honesty as to make promises that you know will not be kept will lower motivation and effort even further. Always remember that the best way to motivate is through Intrinsic motivational methods where there are no financial rewards involved but subtle tweaks and improvements to working conditions and recognition.

Monitor Morale Levels

Keen a close eye upon how things develop and what changes happen to motivational levels. NEVER assume that because you have chatted and uncovered some issues that this is the end of the problem – motivating staff is always a “work in progress” situation where things can always be improved to reach the highest levels of performance, motivation and output.

Good Luck!

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