Why Are My Organisation And Planning Skills So Important?

Why Are My Organisation And Planning Skills So Important?

When building and maintaining business relationships, it is important to be organised as we will often only ever have one chance to make the right impression, especially in a competitive and crowded marketplace.

Being organised, paying attention to detail and having a clear focus upon the end-goal are crucial and will help you to:

  • plan ahead – e.g. devising a marketing strategy for attracting new customers and retaining established ones
  • be on time – e.g. for meetings or training sessions
  • keep accurate and useful records – e.g. to track progress of a project or complaint; when producing reports for directors; when sending in returns and information to government departments
  • organise meetings and events – e.g. to deliver information about new products or services to consenting customers and other stakeholders
  • give people regular attention – e.g. having monthly telephone calls or meetings to keep everything up to date

Keep your focus, make sure you are as organised as you can be and keep sharpening your skills!

Good Luck!

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