What Skills Are Needed For Excellent Business Relationships?

What Skills Are Needed For Excellent Business Relationships?

Effective communication skills are extremely important when managing and developing business relationships. We need to have a wide range of verbal, written and body language skills to perform management and business functions, many of which involve dealing with other people. These areas are summarised below – to make the right impression and to ensure that business opportunities are developed and expanded make sure that you are practicing these on a regular basis:

  • collect information about others – e.g. asking questions about customers’ requirements to identify their needs, consent and expectations
  • use good listening skills – e.g. when listening to customers, colleagues or other stakeholders to demonstrate understanding
  • use good speaking skills – e.g. when making presentations to team members; when serving customers; when discussing business with banks
  • use effective body language – e.g. to reinforce verbal messages in meetings, interviews and presentations
  • use good writing skills – e.g. using correct grammar, spelling and techniques when writing emails, reports, letters or publicity materials
  • use emotional intelligence – e.g. using our ability to see the situation from the customer’s point of view


By refining and developing your communication skills you will be able to:

  • influence decision-making – e.g. when making sales to customers; when seeking agreement from stakeholders
  • establish trust and build a rapport – e.g. when developing a team or working with new customers
  • maintain engagement – e.g. communicating items of interest on a regular basis to keep people informed and engaged
  • solve problems – e.g. agreeing to compromise or finding a win-win solution
  • maintain good records that help with management – e.g. notes about someone’s private news or celebrations that we can mention next time we meet


Business flows from one person to another, hence getting your communication skills right is critically important.

Good Luck!

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