How To Have Excellent Communication Skills In Negotiations

How To Have Excellent Communication Skills In Negotiations

The skills of negotiation are the skills of effective communication: poor communicators NEVER do well in a negotiation.

In the heat of a negotiation it is essential to get your communication style and delivery right at every stage. This is all about using a mixture of skills that not only get our message over to the other party but, more importantly, help us to understand the other person. The following are the key skills needed for effective negotiating:

  • effective listening skills – when listening to customers, colleagues or other stakeholders to demonstrate understanding
  • effective questioning skills – use a mix of open, closed and probing types of questions to gain an understanding of the other person’s needs and position
  • effective rapport skills – use mirroring and matching skills to create rapport and understanding between people
  • effective speaking skills – when making presentations to team members; when serving customers; when discussing business with banks
  • effective body language – to reinforce verbal messages in meetings, interviews and presentations
  • effective writing skills – using correct grammar, spelling and techniques when writing emails, reports, letters or publicity materials
  • emotional intelligence – using our ability to see the situation from the customer’s point of view and being able to manage our emotions in negotiations

Keep the above in your mind at all times and use them to maximum effect.

Good Luck!

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