How To Use Communication To Increase Team And Individual Motivation

How To Use Communication To Increase Team And Individual Motivation

To increase motivation in your team and its individual members, using simple communication techniques, try the following and modify your approach for each individual team member as you go:

  • Clarify and agree tasks before they actually begin
  • Seek out empathy – does the individual or the team actually see what it is that you are trying to achieve?
  • Develop a culture where people are free to challenge and discuss goals and how to get there
  • Support and develop self-belief in the team and its members
  • Promote responsibility – people who own their goals achieve far more than those who merely just follow instructions
  • Listen, really listen to what is going on
  • Affirm positive behaviours – feedback costs nothing but bring huge rewards in terms of commitment and output
  • Ask lots of questions especially at times where staff will not be expecting them – nothing scary about that, you are just finding out what is going on
  • Build rapport – the more you communicate the more people will communicate with you
  • Raise doubts and ask why we are doing what we are doing! The more a system or process is questioned the more likely it is that things will change and staff will be motivated by the positives that change brings with it
  • Decisions should be joint decisions where all parties have been consulted and are engaged with the process

As always learn from the process and modify your style accordingly.

Good Luck!

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