How To Demotivate Teams And Individuals

How To Demotivate Teams And Individuals

The list below is meant to be a humorous piece listing the ways to really upset and demotivate both teams and individuals – the thing is though it is not funny if you are on the receiving end of any of them.

Have a look at the list and then be brutally honest with yourself – are you guilty of any of these sins and if you are what are you now going to do to put things right?

  • Never clarify tasks and objectives – keep people guessing
  • Treat everyone the same
  • Be confrontational
  • Make all of the decisions
  • Point out faults and consistently tell people they are wrong
  • Ask closed questions
  • Warn and threaten
  • Never build rapport
  • Assume everyone is motivated
  • Label anyone who disagrees with what you are doing as negative or a trouble-maker
  • Label any lapses in a process or a service as failure – we do not want anyone to stop and think about what they are doing!
  • Punish those who fail

Avoid them all at all costs!

Good Luck!

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