How To Follow-up Meeting Outcomes

How To Follow-up Meeting Outcomes

Meetings take up a huge amount of time and effort but their effectiveness is frequently undermined by the lack of follow-up and policing of the meeting’s outcomes and actions arising.

If you Chair a meeting then you are going to be judged on three important factors: was there effective preparation beforehand, how did the meeting run as an event and, lastly, have the agreed outcomes set out in the meeting been followed-up systematically?

To avoid unwanted criticism, and to show that your Chair skills are as good as they can be, the following pointers will help you:

  1. Identify the decisions and outcomes that directly affect you personally and make sure that they get your clear focus. You will lose credibility if actions that are your responsibility are not completed!
  2. Make sure that others attending the meeting are honouring their agreed actions and responsibilities: keep a close eye upon progress here and offer to help/guide accordingly.
  3. Make sure that the Minutes are clear and accurate. They MUST reflect what has been agreed in terms of Actions, Timescales and Responsibilities so that any confusion or uncertainty can be very quickly dealt with. A well-managed and effective meeting is always ruined by a poor set of Minutes!
  4. Set the tone for the next meeting by setting out a clear and precise Agenda that directly links to the outcomes from the previous meeting. In this way those attending will know that discussion and evaluation of their actions will be examined and reviewed.

As with everything in life, preparation and an eye on detail and procedure will always bring good outcomes!

Good Luck!

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