11 Really Effective Ways To Motivate Staff

11 Really Effective Ways To Motivate Staff

  • Help them see why their work is important – never let your staff feel that they are just a small cog in a very big wheel.
  • Make it clear how important each step is to the bigger picture – small systems and processes always contribute to a bigger goal and everyone needs to feel their input is needed.
  • Keep the work environment clean – a well-ordered and hygienic workplace sends a very positive and important message that things are cared for and are respected.
  • Start the day with a Team Briefing – set out what needs to be achieved, what went well yesterday, what (if any) problems and issues came up yesterday and items of news and information about the bigger picture.
  • Make staff feel they are important – outputs are a team effort and we all want to feel that we are all making a positive contribution.
  • Involve them in decision making – owning a decision will always get buy-in and an increased focus, rather than having a decision imposed from on-high.
  • Motivate them as individuals – know your staff as separate beings and understand what makes each of them get motivated and enjoying their work.
  • Listen to what they are saying – you can never have all the answers nor are you always correct. Listen to the input of the team and hear what they are saying!
  • Give praise and encouragement – a little effort on your part here goes a very long way to better outputs, less waste and higher levels of attendance and application.
  • Listen to their ideas on what needs improvement – the closer someone is to where the action is the better they know how to improve outputs, increase quality and add value. Management is too far removed from the sharp end to have any real appreciation of how to improve anything!
  • Give lots of feedback – giving feedback on a regular basis keeps a focus on the work and allows room for personal development and increased skills.

Good Luck!

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