How To Assess Staff Communication Skills

How To Assess Staff Communication Skills

Communication is needed for every function of management and should be a key skill that is effectively used by all staff at every level within the organisation.

To make an assessment of how your staff are performing in their communication duties a clear focus on the areas below will give you a clear and detailed assessment of each individual member of the team and their ability to effectively communicate.

  • Running meetings and discussions with team leaders and team members – are objectives agreed, is there a discussion on the allocation and progress of tasks and are queries dealt with effectively?
  • Motivating and leading the team – are there positive discussions about objectives, do staff listen to feedback from the team and agree the way forward and are team-building activities organised?
  • Sharing accurate information – is accurate data gathered from different people and departments, are paper-based sources of information accurate and relevant and do documents and websites for customers send the correct message?
  • Delegating tasks and implementing plans – is responsibility passed to team members to move a project forward?
  • Giving training and coaching to the team – are training sessions run and managed for the whole team, is 1:1 coaching a systematic feature of staff development and are staff systematically encouraged to increase their skills base?
  • Creating and delivering reports –are progress reviews sent by email to other managers and are relevant IT packages used to present reports?
  • Dealing with customers, visitors and the general public – is the process of meeting, greeting and taking care of people visiting the workplace done in an orderly and careful manner, are questions answered and information supplied to any stakeholder done in an appropriate and timely manner and does the process of dealing with complaints involve the whole the team?
  • Giving and receiving feedback – is giving praise and support in a staff appraisal interview a standard that everyone subscribes to and is feedback from customers both used to shape systems and procedures in addition to being shared with the team?
  • Solving problems – does this involve discussing options with the team and the rest of the organisation, monitoring and reviewing progress and if required negotiating for more time or resources?
  • Liaising with other managers and directors – does communication here involve discussing administration issues, revising organisational objectives, solving problems and making decisions about changes and progress?

It is critical to get communication right in every format but relatively easy to see where it is falling down!

Good Luck!

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