How To Be A Successful First Line Manager

How To Be A Successful First Line Manager

Taking on your first managerial position is always a challenge because you have made the progression from managing yourself and getting your own job done to a position where you are directly responsible for the work of other people.

This can sometimes be a difficult and scary transition to make but you will be a success – it is all about doing what is required in that new role and being clear about the tasks you now need to do. These are:

·         Planning work: making sure what needs to be done is set out in a logical and professional manner.

·         Assigning work: deciding and then letting each individual team member know what they are responsible for.

·         Motivating team members: getting the maximum output and commitment from the individual members of your staff group.

·         Coaching members of the team to perform better: setting standards and helping team members to achieve what is needed.

·         Measuring the work of others (informally and formally): this will allow you to see where changes and improvements in performance are required.

·         Communicating effectively: keeping team members engaged and committed to the organisation by letting them know what is happening. This also includes how you communicate to them remembering that a variety of different methods of communication should be the norm for your own communication style.

·         Applying company processes and procedures: these should be followed carefully and consistently so that the outputs expected can be delivered.

Good Luck!

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