How Managers Can Use Lean Goals To Deliver Excellence

How Managers Can Use Lean Goals To Deliver Excellence

We all want to have the best possible system and set of procedures/activities for our business or operation BUT finding that is sometimes a difficult and time-consuming process.

A sound short-cut through that particular maze comes from looking to see hoe Lean Goals can help you get there.

The following Lean Goals have helped to shape the most profitable businesses on the planet – see how they can help you with your area of responsibility:

  • Zero breakdowns: making sure that machinery and systems, whatever the structure and nature of what you are doing, are as reliable as is physically possible. The moment anything breaks down or fails is the moment when costs occur, reputation is questioned, customer satisfaction is lost and customer retention evaporates.
  • Zero delays: delays sap customer confidence and good-will. If you promise something for 5pm on Wednesday, make sure that your system and people can effectively deliver this for 3pm on Wednesday. If you deliver the product or service on Thursday at 9am then you deserve all of the pain that will follow.
  • Zero defects: no errors in the product or service under any circumstances. This builds customer satisfaction and breeds success in the marketplace. History is littered with examples of organisations where continual defects caused the death of the business.
  • Zero inventory: why hold stock in any set of circumstances? Stock ties up capital and reduces your cash flow. The aim must be for Just in Time systems where your suppliers deliver when you want to where you want it in the quantities you want it. If you have excess stock use it up before buying any more materials or components!
  • Zero accidents: accidents cost money, disrupt the organisational process, delay customers getting their goods or services and damage the reputation of your business. More importantly than that they damage your staff and create mountains of extra work. Avoid accidents, have smooth and safe systems that help deliver all of the points above.
  • Zero paper: be bold, go electronic and save time, space and resources.

Some of the above points will inevitably be easier to achieve than others but this does not mean that you should not at least try them out!

Good Luck!

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