How To Build A Successful Team

How To Build A Successful Team

A well-run team can reasonably be relied upon to show increased cohesion, strong bonds of mutual cooperation and a clear sense of identity.  These are the very essentials of delivering and managing an effective and efficient operational system.

So, what can you do to make the team you are managing into a highly effective team?

  1. Emphasise common interests and values: collective identification is always strong when members agree about objectives, values, priorities and strategies.
  2. Use ceremonies and rituals: make membership of your team appear to be special and worth aspiring to for those outside the team.
  3. Use symbols to develop identification for the team: have a team name, a logo or a particular colour that differentiates it from other teams in the workplace. Make your team stand out!
  4. Promote as much social interaction as you can: members will work closely together whenever they find social interaction and group working to be pleasurable and satisfying.
  5. Tell everyone about group activities and achievements: let all team members know about future plans, forthcoming activities and goals/objectives. This also sends out a very positive message about the activities and achievements of the team.
  6. Analyse how the team is performing: have honest discussions around the processes within the group and how members are working together to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the team,
  7. Reward productivity: this may involve financial reward but it is often more effective to use simple tokens of appreciation (e.g. buying Lunch for the team or some form of group staff development/away-day event

Good Luck!

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