How To Be Assertive As A Manager

How To Be Assertive As A Manager

Within your organisation, as a manager, there will be times when you must state an opinion on a particular topic or issue. However, the style, the language, body language, tone will all influence whether people will accept what you say.

The outcomes of such debate within management must be consistent messages that then get cascaded to the functional teams.

Following the stages below should help people accept your view. Remember though that other people’s experience of you will also influence whether your opinion is valued.

When stating your opinion:

  • Do it calmly, slowly and confidently – do not rush the message
  • Ensure you own your beliefs and ideas – if you appear uncertain then your impact will clearly suffer!
  • Do not present opinions as facts – facts are facts so be certain of your information
  • Be assertive, not aggressive or passive – but always be polite!
  • Be clear and concise
  • Use the appropriate body language, style, tone and a suitable range of words for your audience
  • Think what you are saying – does it make sense, is it well-structured and are the points you are making sensible and realistic?
  • Anticipate the reaction you may get, and prepare responses if appropriate to do so – if there is not a reaction ask yourself why that is and what that might mean
  • Remember, if you are trying to change your style, people will be suspicious which totally gets in the way of the message!

As with everything in life the key to success lies in the planning!

Good Luck!

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