Why Asking For Help Is An Essential Leadership Skill

Why Asking For Help Is An Essential Leadership Skill

We all think of ourselves as being strong, both inside the managerial role and in roles away from the workplace.

We can manage large amounts of stress, get lots done each day, put in effort where it is needed ad deliver against often very challenging targets. We do not give up easily and have large amounts of energy and passion to invest in tasks. We are relied upon to deliver, again and again.

It is wrong however to think we are invulnerable and that any weakness only works to diminish our impact as a leader.

Failing to see and understand our areas of weakness is highly counter-productive for two basic reasons:

  1. We cannot get things right all of the time – this approach is unsustainable. We all have flaws and areas that need development and growth, we have weaknesses and many different faults.
  2. Not recognising our areas of weakness is poor leadership because leadership is all about connection. Staff follow leaders and contribute to an organisation if they feel connected to their leader and no-one gets followers if the only things you show them are what you perceive to be your strengths and which you assume will impress them!

The most impressive, most mature thing for a leader to do is to ask for help,

When a full-blown crisis or seemingly impossible deadline hits then these are the times when asking for help is a critical leadership skill. This will prove that your human characteristics that staff recognise and follow are alive and kicking!

Staff are inspired when they are needed and have a greater connection with people they can help.

Good Luck!

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