What Should Be In An Appraisal?

The central reason for running an Appraisal system is to provide a structured way to look at all aspects of the individual member of staff’s role and their position within the organisation. This is a golden opportunity to focus attention, improve motivation and generate greater effectiveness and efficiency that benefits both the individual, team and wider organisation.

So, what makes for a good list of contents to go into this very important event? Appraisals should include:

  • identifying current skills – this can be through a skills audit or analysis and by assessing practical performance ahead of the meeting
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses – this can include preparing and then completing a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities for development, Threats that may affect progress)
  • reviewing and evaluating progress – by using evidence-based data and information, referring to informal and formal assessments that have been done and comparing performance against standards and objectives all give a clear picture of performance and outcomes
  • identifying training needs – what does the individual need in terms of personal and professional development?
  • discussing methods and developmental activities – this can include specific mentoring and shadowing to develop specific skills or attributes and a range of externally provided courses (including college, skills centres, e-learning and more traditional open or distance learning
  • providing ongoing support – reviewing progress at regular intervals, establishing how and when to review progress and providing access to resources and advice

Working to an agenda helps to keep a focus making sure that important information is not overlooked. Attention to detail is very important in making the time and effort spent on running an Appraisal a worthwhile and productive activity: correct time allocation, having the correct documents, data, reports and assessments available when they are needed are also key things to get right to make the Appraisal a success.

Good Luck!

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