What Causes Low Motivation In The Workplace?

What Causes Low Motivation In The Workplace?

In many organisations the major side-effect of low morale and motivation is high absenteeism rates which are usually caused by little or no attention being given to the welfare of staff. These causes frequently include:

  • a poor business culture –where people are generally hostile, unsupportive and in the habit of taking unplanned absences whenever they want without any consequences
  • difficult working patterns – with insufficient time to recover from changes in shifts and work allocations
  • inadequate physical resources – insufficient equipment, ongoing equipment failure, unsafe equipment and a lack of investment in new technology
  • inadequate human resources – not enough staff to cover all tasks, overworked or overloaded team members, staff not having sufficient skills to complete their tasks, not enough background or supporting knowledge or experience for the tasks to be completed to the standards required, and a lack of training and development activities
  • unreasonable deadlines or bad time management – original and revised deadlines are found to be unrealistic. This is a major cause of both absenteeism and high staff turnover
  • inadequate leadership and management –poor leadership skills that leave the workforce without vision and direction, inadequate delegation and accountability
  • lack of communication – misunderstandings between colleagues and departments that create friction and disagreements, a lack of praise, encouragement and guidance
  • lack of awareness of legal guidelines and compliance requirements – using unacceptable discriminatory language with colleagues, using equipment incorrectly and not following the manufacturer’s instructions which puts the safety of the staff at risk

There may well be other factors in your own workplace that are not listed here!

Do a quick audit of your Team and see what the situation is in your area – is everything being done to minimise absenteeism and are working systems fit for purpose?

Good Luck!

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