How To Reduce Conflict In The Team

How To Reduce Conflict In The Team

Conflict in the workplace, like life, is inevitable but good management is all about recognising this exists and then doing something positive about it!

Five simple steps to use every day to try to reduce the risk of conflict situations arising that you might want to try out are:

  • value employees: people feel more motivated and involved if they feel valued
  • treat everyone fairly: managers should always be fair, transparent and consistent
  • encourage initiative: work to develop and encourage individuals to be innovative and take initiative whenever they can
  • help people to balance personal and work needs: flexible working patterns can help to improve the work-life balance of employees and the effectiveness of the business
  • encourage the development of new skills: managers, team leaders and team members will always gain benefit and deliver more from learning and development activities to improve their skills, knowledge and experience, and to improve communication

Good Luck!

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