How To Find Simple Cost Savings At Work

Try looking at the following areas to sharpen up the efficiency of your work area:

  • reusing materials –storage boxes and trays that can be used many times and using china mugs rather than disposable cups
  • avoiding scrap or waste – managing portion control in a restaurant, training and monitoring production staff in a factory to help cut down on rejects and wasted materials, checking cutting patterns to make sure that they are as efficient as possible
  • reviewing, designing or adjusting procedures, products or services – to maximise the use of resources
  • electronic communication – rather than printed paper and emails or texts rather than paper memos
  • telephone and videoconferencing – rather than travelling around and over long distances for meetings
  • using technology effectively – using smart meters or sophisticated tills to measure consumption and target production efficiently, stock tracking systems to support Just-In-Time supply chain management and computer-based training for staff
  • working to improve staff retention – managing the team well to avoid excessive recruitment and training costs that occur when there is a high turnover of staff
  • ensuring work practices support compliance – to help avoid unnecessary investigations, legal proceedings, fines, penalties, compensation and loss of reputation

Good Luck!

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