Why Is Getting My Leadership Style Right So Important?

Why Is Getting My Leadership Style Right So Important?

Leadership is about performance (particularly improving performance) and about achieving this through followers. We all want to improve performance – after all if this was not the case people would simply not advance in their careers because there would be no opportunities to do so as employers would be satisfied with the personnel they already have!

Having followers is vitally important as this is the “how to” improve performance because you cannot do this on your own!

What is becoming very clear in competitive times, and with constant change and organisational development on the agenda, is that businesses are now recognising that leadership skills can develop the business where managers are expected to act as leaders in delivering results and developing new approaches.

Management is usually about being provided with a set of resources (including people), organising and directing those resources such that an acceptable level of performance is achieved. The level of engagement with employees can be highly structured and formal.

Leadership is very much about engaging employees so that they have more freedom to refine and develop systems and practical solutions which then leads to improved organisational performance which exceeds expectations. The skill of engaging employees is very much a core activity for anyone who wants to be a leader rather than a manager.

Make sure that you practice as much as possible the leadership principles outlined above regardless of your own job title and role.

Good Luck!

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