How To Motivate Your Team

How To Motivate Your Team

Ask yourself the following questions about the team that you manage?

  1. Are the tasks that you manage enjoyable and interesting?
  2. Are there good working relationships? This includes amongst team members, managers and other colleagues.
  3. Is there full appreciation and recognition? This can range from a simple thank you to a formal scheme that rewards commitment.
  4. Are team members treated fairly? Are there clear command structures and procedures with regular feedback and support? 5.
  5. Is there a good level of autonomy for team members? This is all about the ability to take responsibility and make decisions.
  6. Do team members have the opportunity to innovate? Are their ideas and suggestions taken seriously?

Managers need to identify the appropriate motivational factors for team members so that
they can target their approach to inspire and motivate each individual.

Good Luck!

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