How To Maximise Team Output

How To Maximise Team Output

A manager can be as skilled as possible BUT if their team is performing less than well all of that enthusiasm and commitment is lost. Managers are judged by their teams and how they deliver against their set objectives.

So, how can you get the absolute most from your team, every day, week in week out?

The following pointers will help you to work towards shaping a highly effective and efficient team:

  1. Really understand the members of the team: make sure that tasks and responsibilities are suited to the individuals
  2. Be clear about roles and responsibilities – make sure individuals understand their position and make sure that every team member has a focus and a clear direction
  3. Be clear about communication skills and techniques – work with team members to improve how they handle conversations, meetings and presentations. Check to see how documents and reports are shared and reduce the number of emails between members putting greater emphasis upon actually talking!
  4. Review how work areas are organised – make some changes, preferably simple and easy to deliver so that better working relationships can be generated. This might just be as simple as moving the furniture around or removing or restructuring barriers to help team members create a better work environment
  5. Deal with problems quickly – challenge unhelpful behaviour quickly, showing the impact of that behaviour and encouraging reflection on how behaviour could be improved
  6. Work to break down barriers – using team-building exercises and encouraging people to communicate and appreciate each other’s roles

Good Luck!

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