How To Manage Team Dynamics

How To Manage Team Dynamics

Teams have their own culture and ways of doing things that MAY NOT be exactly what you as a manager may want (or even be fully aware of in many cases!).

There are a number of factors at play here which managers need to consider when looking at all aspects of the team’s activities

  • The nature of the team’s work – how outputs are set and the quality parameters set
  • The type of team – production or service focus?
  • The individual personalities within the team – who are the dominant characters, the quiet types and the also-rans? What do you actually know about the members of your team and what can you do with each individual to get what you want from them?
  • What are the relationships between the team and other teams and stakeholders like? Are they customer focused and are they committed to those around them either inside or outside the organisation?
  • The working environment – how is this structured, what are the pressures and what can you do to shape or change this?
  • What communication methods are you using? Whatever methods are used are they effective in getting the work done or does communication get in the way of getting the job done?
  • The organisational culture – is this open or closed, does the culture prevent or encourage innovation and change?

Team dynamics can be a positive force – helping to bond the team and focus everyone on team objectives and achievements. They can enhance performance, improve productivity, and increase job satisfaction and staff retention

Team dynamics can also be a negative force if not managed effectively. If the team dynamics are negative, people’s behaviour can disrupt work, affecting productivity, job satisfaction etc.

Good Luck!

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