How To Identify Skills Gaps In The Team

How To Identify Skills Gaps In The Team

If the team is not working then you, as a manager, are failing!

Use the pointers below to identify where the weaknesses are and then set about designing, and delivering, a solution!

  1. Observe people working – direct observation of team members at work in their roles.
  2. One-to-one and job chats – less formal discussions about current work and tasks may uncover development needs.
  3. Appraisals and development planning – more formal opportunity to discuss an individual’s development needs.
  4. Feedback from peers and customers – conversations with stakeholders and relevant others.
  5. 360-degree feedback – individuals receive feedback from a wide range of people with whom they regularly work.
  6. Skills and competency matrix – creating a traceable document that records all team members’ skills, competencies etc.
  7. Coaching and mentoring – team members may discover through increased self-awareness.

Good Luck!

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