What Does A High Performance Team Look Like?

A team is more than a group of people who work together. A high performing team is a group of people who share a common vision, goals, metrics and who collaborate, challenge and hold each other accountable to achieve outstanding results.

A High Performance Team has the following features:

  • A clear and vision of where they are headed and what they want to accomplish
  • Being excited about that vision because they took part in creating it
  • Acting from clearly defined priorities
  • Has clear measures of success and receive feedback about how they are doing
  • Maintaining open communication and positive relationships with each other
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Makes decisions when and where they occur
  • Successfully manage conflict
  • Sharing leadership responsibilities
  • Participating in productive meetings
  • Has clearly defined roles and work procedures
  • Cooperates cross-functionally

Is your team a High Performance Team?

By using the pointers above you can quickly and effectively assess outputs, delivery and working practices to identify where change is needed and how best to deliver this.

Good Luck!

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