Why Self-awareness And Self-regulation Are Important For Managers

Why Self-awareness And Self-regulation Are Important For Managers


Self-awareness is our ability to accurately perceive the level of skill, knowledge, value and responsibility we use when it comes to our emotions. It gives us the confidence to know who we are and what we have to offer, both personally and professionally.

In management situations, just like every other setting that we find ourselves in, it is very important to understand why we think the way we do and why we act the way we act so that we can truly say that we recognise and understand ourselves.

Becoming more self-aware is an important tool in the manager’s ability to be successful.

Self-awareness gives us a sense of power and influence and helps us to strengthen what we do and how we relate and interact with those around us. Failing to assess our own self-awareness gives rise to feelings of doubt about our professional competence and our effectiveness as a manager.


 Self-regulation is how we practice self-control and our ability to manage emotions, desires, and our behaviour in order to reach a positive outcome.

The trick in developing and practicing these skills is about juggling what we feel about a specific situation, understanding where there might be tension and reflecting upon this at times when situations did not end the way we either wanted them to or intended them to do. By doing this carefully and systematically we are able to grow into our managerial roles and to self-regulate our future behaviours and reactions.

Self-regulation is built around two types of pressure that we will find in management situations:

  • Negative pressure:When we fail to self-regulate, we build up stress and create an atmosphere which is critical and toxic. As this happens, we lose focus, balance and self-regulation. Learning about our triggers to this type of stimuli is very important as we develop skills to minimise this possibility.
  • Positive pressure:This is a healthy type of pressure. It is the result of creating an assertive yet non-critical and non-harmful atmosphere. This is all about setting clear and simple expectations and levels of accountability, which in turn generate levels of success, allowing us to become confident, calm and supportive.

Good Luck!

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