What Makes An Excellent Team Leader?

What Makes An Excellent Team Leader?

  1. Integrity: trustworthy, honest and relied upon by their team and being able to follow-through on promises made and decisions communicated. They stick to their professional standards and ensure their principles are followed at all times.
  2. Strong communication: they communicate effectively with a wide range of people at all levels and tailor their communication to their audience at all times. They give clear directions and are able to support what they say with data and information and, above all, healthy relationships are promoted at all times.
  3. Resourcefulness: they are innovative especially in difficult circumstances. They are always up to date with new developments and working systems. They are always adaptable. This is all done with a clear focus on meeting set tasks and objectives.
  4. Accountable for their actions: they take responsibility for outcomes, if these are good or bad! They also give full credit to the work of the team in achieving goals, rather than claim all of the glory for themselves.
  5. Solve problems: they carefully evaluate different options before deciding on a course of action. This involves being calm and objective about the situation and thinking and planning beforehand.
  6. Positivity: this means having a “can-do” attitude to all aspects of work with a commitment to achieve. It is important here to think about how to use the skills of the team alongside using their own skills.
  7. Well-organised: they can bring order to chaos and use good delegation skills to get jobs done effectively and efficiently.

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