Team Leader Essentials – What Should I Do In My Job?

Team Leader Essentials – What Should I Do In My Job

There are seven key tasks that every Team Leader should continually try to develop and master in their daily working routine. These are essential in helping to motivate your team members and to adopt an effective leadership style.

  1. Be positive – focus on solving problems not blaming other people for them and involve the team in developing a plan of action.
  2. Be consistent – enable people to predict your behaviour and help them to respond in a positive way.
  3. Be responsive – make accurate assessments of the needs and expectations of the team.
  4. Be self-aware – recognise your strengths and weaknesses and those of the team and ‘play to their strengths’ and develop their weaknesses.
  5. Be developmental – identify your own and others training needs and support the team in meeting these.
  6. Be persuasive – make an effective case to support the work of the team.
  7. Be innovative – be clear about future needs and able to encourage team members to meet these needs.

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