Nine Roles Of A Team Leader

Nine Roles Of A Team Leader

  1. Provides a purpose for the team: regardless of how this is set out all teams need a purpose and a direction to follow
  2. Building a cohesive team: this needs to be a star team and not a collection of individual stars that may, or may not be pulling in the same direction
  3. Establishing shared ownership for the results of the team
  4. Developing the team to its full potential: this will overlap with developing each individual team member but it should be seen as individual team member’s skills contributing to a whole team performance
  5. Making work interesting and challenging for their team members
  6. Developing a self-managing team so that the members are not reliant upon the Team Leader physically being there all of the time
  7. Motivating and inspiring team members to achieve more, deliver more and to do tasks to a higher quality
  8. Lead and facilitate constructive communication amongst the team
  9. Monitor performance outputs from the team but to never micro-manage team members

Always keep your focus upon these Nine Roles – anything else outside them will not help you in your role!

Good Luck!

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