How Team Leaders Can Manage Change Effectively

How Team Leaders Can Manage Change Effectively

To deliver successful change you MUST understand why that change is necessary: success here lies in the preparation of selling the change itself.

You MUST communicate, facilitate and enable that change process to happen so that team members are brought together and that they understand what is going on.

So, what do you need to consider to make change happen effectively?

  1. Make sure that the objectives of the change are achievable and that they motivate the team to perform.
  2. Use team members who are committed to the change and have the right skills to make things happen: these staff are essential for success.
  3. Involve the team in setting up a plan that they can drive forward with to make that change a reality.
  4. Communicate the change well with clear and precise language. Communication gets people involved and empowers them to take part in the process rather than having change just imposed upon them.
  5. Remove any obstacles along the way that hold up the change. It is important here to recognise achievements and for you to give feedback on progress.
  6. Set up short-term wins. If you set short-term wins, little achievable goals it is likely that the team will get involved and feel more motivated to succeed as each small step is completed.
  7. Keep going! Do not give up and keep monitoring progress so that you can point out future goals and tasks that now need competing. People involved in the change process like to see visible progress!
  8. Make change stick so that new ways of doing things are accepted and can be built upon further. Make sure this gets cemented into the culture of the team and the wider organisation.

Good Luck!

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