Six Quick Personal Review Questions

Six Quick Personal Review Questions

Forget agonising over the long-awaited and possibly dreaded Supervision meeting or the Annual Appraisal: we can all get a quick feel for how things are going by asking some simple questions of ourselves, if we are honest and realistic in how we answer them!

  1. How much time have I spent improving my skills, whether these are technical skills, managerial skills or soft skills?
  2. How much time have I spent learning about the product or service that I am delivering and how the customers and stakeholders in that process view my contribution?
  3. How much time have I spent on planning my workload and that of my team to ensure that systems and working practices are a slick and professional as they could be?
  4. How much time have I spent questioning, listening and prioritising what I need to do and what the team needs to deliver?
  5. How much time have I spent looking at what other managers are doing and how they achieve their levels of output and productivity?
  6. How much time have I spent thinking about what my competitors are doing to see if there are things that I can learn from them to adapt and improve what I do?

Keep asking theses quick six questions and see how your performance, and that of your team, can be improved dramatically.

Good Luck!

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