How To Unlock Staff Potential

How To Unlock Staff Potential

You may be the greatest things since sliced bread as a manager but, unless you can inspire and empower your staff to do things brilliantly, all day every day, you are consigned to the category of the Also Ran Manager!

Nobody want to be in that group – the nearly people who are there but not really there where the action takes place, where decisions are made and where rewards are good.

Perhaps the solution to this lies in the following points for you to develop with your team:

  • Seek out the leadership potential in every member of your team so that they lead in everything that they do, however humble or basic that task or skill might be.
  • Make sure that each team member owns what they do: they know and work towards their tasks and objectives so that your presence is not needed for goals to be completed to the best possible standard.
  • Promote a culture where innovation is the norm and where standard procedures for completing tasks are challenged to find a better and more efficient way of doing things.
  • Embrace and welcome change: ask your team to identify new and better ways of doing things and get them to see that change is a positive working force.
  • Make sure that the team knows and understands that every job is an important job in the team effort.

In the same way ask these questions of yourself – If you cannot lead yourself, how can you lead others?

Good Luck!

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