How To Really Use Your Positive Emotions

Savouring our emotions is a way of regulating them, specifically focusing upon how to enhance our positive emotions and happiness.

There are some simple steps that will convey your positivity, even in difficult and challenging times.

Try out the following:

  • Behavioural Display: the more you smile the more positive your message, but at the same time the more negative you look, the message you want to send gets lost in a fog of unhelpfulness
  • Be Present: focus on the positive aspects of the message and use positive emotions to convey and “sell” your message
  • Capitalise: prepare your message so that you share positive things about your point of view and what you want to achieve
  • Use your memory to learn from positive and successful events: by using these skills it will help you frame what you now want to say and deliver

Good Luck!

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