How To Be A Successful Manager In 7 Simple Steps

How To Be A Successful Manager In 7 Simple Steps

Management is a hard discipline and it takes many years to be able to get yourself into a position where your management style is effective and gets things done. There will be many times when your decisions did not go the way you wanted them to and the goals that you were set did not, for a whole variety of different reasons, get accomplished.

There are several things that you need to hold onto as you move along this process which should never be forgotten and which are essential in keeping you on the right path.

  • No manager has EVER got all their tasks/goals/outcomes sorted out and completely together, despite how it might look to the outside world. Management is a very unpredictable science and the best set out plans rarely deliver what was expected.
  • Personal growth and development are painful processes with many uncertainties contained within it. You MUST have the courage and determination to pick yourself up when you fail and start again.
  • The lows in your career are more educational and offer you far greater personal and professional insights than the highs! In the lows you will find out who you really are and what your inner strengths and weaknesses show you.
  • ALL managers, regardless of their status and experience, are always Work In Progress: no manager is ever the complete package, the finished article, the perfect person.
  • Always know and fully understand the balls that you are juggling with at any point in time. Recognise what the tasks require, the resources available and what is expected in terms of an end position. Not knowing any one of these points means you are very likely to fail and fail badly!
  • Know what you need to achieve! Who is your customer and what do they want? Make sure that you at least deliver this and preferably exceed what they are looking for. Regular and predictable under-performance on your part guarantees some painful conversations, which you can avoid by being aware of expectations.
  • Know where you get your strength and determination from and use this power source as often as possible.

Good Luck!

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