How To Deal With Work Politics

How To Deal With Work Politics

Politics at work is a business reality and even the most skilled and able managers must learn to deal with all the negatives and challenges that working with others brings with it.

By just following “the Rules” and working harder is not enough and your impact will not be as large as those who recognise politic for what it is and accept the reality and practicalities of workplace situations and issues.

So, what should you do to give yourself the best options in such situations?

  1. Capable and knowledgeable managers know who to link up with and can work out what the real structure in a Department or organisation is, not what the traditional organisational chart tells you! They know who holds the power and who has influence. This is essential if you want to make things happen!
  2. Be emotionally intelligent. Polish your skills at summing up others around you, get into their heads and understand what motivates them and what makes them happy. Emotionally intelligent people are attentive and have good insights.
  3. Courage and taking risks. You must be prepared to fail in order to learn how to succeed. This should not be on a large scale but significant enough fir you to review what you have done and understand where things have gone wrong. Remember that situations are not always clear and that your intuition and judgement may not be enough every time, but if you never take risks you get nothing much done!

Good Luck!

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