How Do I Generate A High Performing Team?

A team is far more the just a group of employees working in the same physical or operational area of a company – managerial success is always judged by the effectiveness and efficiency of the team that you manage.

So, what separates a High Performing Team from the remainder of teams that just bounce along, sometimes getting things right but sometimes not achieving pretty much anything?

High Performing Teams have the following features:

  • They have a clear and vision of where they are headed and what they want to accomplish and, very importantly, will tell everyone who listens about this
  • They are involved in that vision because were involved in developing and writing it
  • They have clear priorities that they understand and use every day to shape their outputs
  • They know what success looks like and are receptive to feedback on their performance valuing open and informative feedback
  • They can Identify and solve problems
  • They make decisions when and where they occur
  • They are skilled at managing conflict
  • They share leadership responsibilities
  • They always have productive meetings where all the team can participate and contribute
  • They have clearly defined roles and work procedures
  • Their culture is all about cooperation and working across functions to deliver goals

The trick now is to look at YOUR team to see what of the above list they already have mastered (but be honest in your assessment!) and then plan out how to raise the standard of areas that then need further development.

Good Luck!

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