How To Be An Excellent Communicator

How To Be An Excellent Communicator

Try the following Tips to develop and fine tune your managerial communication skills;

  • Be Direct; make your communication to the point and always make it concise. Adopt the principle of who, what, where, when, why and most importantly HOW.
  • Avoid vagueness; make your messages clear and specific. Make sure that if the message requires action from the recipient set deadlines and parameters for the task otherwise the end result will not be what was set as an outcome.
  • Use Headlines to set up your message; what is the central message and what is at the heart of the issue? Remember headlines are brief – you do not need all of the minute details, just the Headlines.
  • Remember despite what you think the world does not revolve around you! Make sure that you eliminate your own perception or biases in how the message is constructed and always take into account the views and opinions of those receiving the message.
  • Use open-ended questions; this will buy you time and allow you to get more detail on a topic before responding. Never just shoot from the hip unless you are supremely knowledgeable on the subject and are and expert communicator.
  • Delivering bad news; deliver the message straight away, never be tempted to leave it for a while and see how things go and ensure that you put the message across in plain and clear language. You should always avoid waffle and flattery to get across what is going to be a message that the recipient will not want to hear. Always, always be straight and honest.
  • Deliver bad news in person; never cop-out with the use of an email or even worse a text! Imagine how you would feel if this happened to you!
  • If you cannot say anything positive or nice, say nothing; it is essential to not get involved in gossip and it will show that you cannot be trusted. Nobody ever really recovers from such a diagnosis.

Good communication skills are always learned (often the hard way) and can always be refined and developed; an excellent communicator is a prized asset in any organisation at whatever level they are working at.

Good Luck!

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