How To Recognise Your Staff Effectively

How To Recognise Your Staff Effectively

  1. Recognise that staff contributions and achievements come in a variety of different forms: always be prepared to think creatively around what staff have achieved
  2. Actively search for things to recognise and praise: this will have a very positive impact upon morale and output
  3. Identify and recognise improvements in output: again, a positive motivational push for staff here
  4. Recognise commendable efforts that failed confirming that everything is a learning opportunity and part of the personal development of that member of the team
  5. Never limit recognition to high-visibility jobs: everyone should be recognised for what they do regardless of their position in the organisation
  6. Never limit recognition to a few best performers
  7. When giving recognition make sure that you provide specific feedback on what was good and why their inputs have value
  8. Provide timely recognition: do this as soon as practically possible
  9. Always use a form of recognition that is appropriate to the individual and the contribution that they have made

Good Luck!

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