How To Increase Learning And Innovation Effectively

  1. Recruit talented, creative people and give them the opportunity to be innovative
  2. Encourage appreciation for flexibility and innovation
  3. Encourage learning by both teams and individuals and show your appreciation for this!
  4. Evaluate new ideas and small scale experiments
  5. Critically assess what ca be learnt from both successes and failures, especially failures where there will be lots of learning points!
  6. Encourage the sharing of knowledge and ideas: this should be a central part of your management approach
  7. Find a way that effectively stores and archives past learning
  8. Make sure that relevant knowledge is being used at all times in all aspects of the task
  9. Set goals for innovation: that way you will not be totally reliant on things running as they are at this specific point in time
  10. Reward staff who are innovative and show some good entrepreneurial approaches to work and problem solving

Good Luck!

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