How To Develop My Leadership Skills

How To Develop My Leadership Skills

  1. Develop a personal and detailed vision of your career objectives: identify key targets and milestones and review/revise these on a regular basis
  2. Seek out and use appropriate mentors: people who will give you sound advice and practical opportunities to develop and enhance your skills
  3. Set yourself and/or seek out developmental tasks or assignments: you need to be stretched!
  4. Use social networks to identify and develop opportunities for your progression
  5. Become very clear about how you self-monitor your performance: be objective and review systematically what you do and the impact of your actions
  6. Always seek out ad listen to relevant feedback
  7. Learn from your mistakes
  8. Look at problems and issues from a range of different perspectives, never just your own view of the world
  9. Be sceptical and very suspicious of easy answers to complex problems!

Good Luck!

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