How To Develop Your Staff Effectively

How To Develop Your Staff Effectively

  1. Show genuine concern for each person’s development – the best source of innovation and quality will always come from within the team!
  2. Help each person to identify ways to improve their performance
  3. Be patient and understanding when coaching your staff to achieve goals and milestones or to master specific tasks
  4. Provide helpful career advice; this could include letting your best performer know of job opportunities outside the current team
  5. If someone is taking on a new job or responsibility make sure that you help them in this and provide advice/guidance whenever they need it
  6. Encourage attendance at relevant training and personal development opportunities
  7. Provide as many opportunities as possible for people to learn from experience
  8. Encourage coaching by peers where this is appropriate so that both parties benefit from the experience
  9. Always promote the reputation of your staff where this is earned and deserved

Good Luck!

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