A Management Strategy For Managing Diversity

A Management Strategy For Managing Diversity

To successfully deliver Diversity in the workplace, from a management position, the following two approaches will generate outcomes that will promote a balanced, fair and equitable working environment.

Section 1: Encourage Tolerance and Appreciation

  • Set an example in your own behaviour of appreciation for diversity
  • Encourage respect for individual differences
  • Promote understanding of different values, belies and traditions
  • Explain the benefits of diversity for the team and whole organisation
  • Encourage and support others who promote tolerance of diversity

Section 2: Discourage Intolerance and Discrimination

  • Discourage the use of stereotypes to describe people
  • Identify biased beliefs and role expectations for minority groups
  • Challenge any prejudiced comments
  • Speak out and protest against unfair treatment based on prejudice
  • Take disciplinary action to stop any form of harassment

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