How To Be More Creative

How To Be More Creative 

  1. Develop Curiosity and Interest
    • Try to be surprised by something every day
    • Try to surprise at least one person every day
    • Write down each day what surprised you and how you surprised others
    • When something strikes a spark of interest, follow it
  1. Change Your Working Patterns
  • Wake up in the morning with a specific goal to look forward to
  • If you do anything well, it becomes enjoyable
  • To keep enjoying something, you need to increase its complexity
  1. Design and Deliver Positive Habits
  • Take charge of your schedule: drive it yourself rather than have others drive it for you!
  • Make time for reflection and relaxation
  • Shape your working/operational/practical space and make it work for you
  • Find out what you like and what you hate about life
  • Start doing more of what you love, less of what you hate
  1. Revise your Internal Traits
  • Aim for complexity
  • Recognise as many different solutions to a problem as possible

Good Luck!

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