Six Really Essential Management Skills

Six Really Essential Management Skills

If you can master the Six Skills below then you have a really good chance of making your mark as a skilled and respected Manager.

Mastering them takes time and effort, often overcoming obstacles along the way, but they are a proven means by which to develop, progress and to be successful.

  1. Knowledge: really get to know what your job is all about, what the measures of success are and the resources at your disposal (people, infrastructure, materials).
  2. Networking: get to know who the “movers and shapers” are in your environment, work with them and make sure that your views and opinions are sought out by these people. Always make sure that you network with your staff, customers and suppliers to pick up information and to resolve issues before they become problems.
  3. Time Management: have a very reliable system for managing your time so that tasks get done, deadlines are met and there is space for planning your next tasks well in advance.
  4. Good management style: democratic, open, flexible and visible are key words here that you need to deliver on. All of the time.
  5. Communication skill: using a variety of communication styles that allow you to engage and work effectively with a wide range of people. Poor communication always means a poor management style!
  6. A Sixth Sense for issues: this comes with experience but seasoned and practical managers will always be able to smell and feel emerging issues by being proactive and visible around the organisation.

Good Luck!

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