How To Succeed In Your First Management Job

How To Succeed In Your First Management Job

Well done! You got the job, beating off the competition to land that first management role. Congratulations!

Be proud of what you have achieved and use the talents that got you to this point, making sure that you develop them as you go along! What you do from this point onward will define you as a manager and also as a leader.

So, what now? Use the following pointers to shape your approach:

  • Be yourself and nobody else: your staff will look to you for direction and support but your manager wants reliability and results. Other stakeholders want to see you as a total professional that will act with their interests in mind! Above all else be authentic and consistent – but be you!
  • Keep your Values in mind at all times. If you are a caring and compassionate person use this to good effect and avoid some form of character change where you become a harsh and uncaring person – it is NOT you and you will fail in carrying this out!
  • If in doubt, ask! We have all been there and have all benefited from wise age advice and guidance. (You will no doubt be returning the favour in time to others who are sitting where you are sitting right now!).
  • Be honest with everyone: it is not possible to have all of the answers all of the time so admit where there are gaps in your knowledge but then go and find out what it is that you are missing. NEVER put yourself under pressure to be right all of the time – a little humility goes a long way!
  • Ask for help and admit your mistakes. Have you ever met someone who has never made a mistake? I thought not!
  • Communicate and talk to your staff and your line manager: get a very clear picture of expectations early on and build an effective and efficient relationship with them.
  • Take things at a reasonable pace: never be tempted to set about tasks at 200 miles per hour as this will only lead to serious mistakes and a lot of explaining/reworking/cost.

You will be great – enjoy the ride!

Good Luck!

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